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Business accelerators have been around for less than a decade. Since the very beginning, they seek high potential (young) tech companies and support them through specific development endeavors, addressed as “acceleration programs”. Nevertheless, what in an acceleration program? One definition is a “fixed- term, cohort-basead program, including mentorship and educational components, that culminates in a public pitch event or demo-day” (HOCHBERG, 2014).

Business accelerators play an important role in any startup ecosystem. In order to lead young enterprises into growth, they provide the required structure to start a “professionalization” process in which entrepreneurs receive mentorship and advisory services to become business leaders.

Acelera Partners group has already brought Aceleratech into the family by making a strategic investment in the top accelerator in Brazil and continue to look for top accelerators across different regions to be part of the chain. If you believe your accelerator is a fit, send us an email at [email protected]


Aceleratech, already awarded twice as the best accelerator in Brazil, is a different kind of accelerator. They are a group of entrepreneurs who created a program that provides all the tools, services and mentoring needed to succeed. They have a commitment both to their teams and to the startup ecosystem to create long-lasting impact by helping launch the best businesses in Brazil.

Aceleratech’s Startup Selection Criteria – We evaluate startups based on three essential points:

  • Team: We expect great entrepreneurs, with a complete team (with a CTO or technical co-founder); teams that are extraordinary; that are costumer oriented; teams that work hard and deliver.
  • Market size: We want billionaire markets, and companies that are able to generate millions in revenue. We do not accept niche markets.
  • Development Stage: We are searching for companies that have a working product, or at least a MVP (minimum viable product) already being tested by real customers.

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