What happens after an acceleration program is finished? What is the next step? Often times, startups with an already proven business model engage more fiercely in a growth-oriented mode, actively seeking customers and sales opportunities, at the same time that they battle for new investment rounds.

Acelera Partners was designed to provide a complete development framework to tech startups. As an investment holding, it is present in the acceleration step and it covers the gap in the next investment rounds. In order to prepare startups to accomplish that, it also brings along a post-acceleration stage, enriching and broadening the whole startups ecosystem development.

Our post-acceleration program focuses on accelerating the growth of innovative companies, which have already found their market niche and need to scale (preferentially across borders). In order to grow fast enough to become leaders in their industries, these companies require access to customers, funding and a dependable and knowledgeable network of technological and business experts.

The post-acceleration program’s offerings and benefits consist of:

Product Momentum Extension

Ensure company’s solution is architected for high scalability, performance and reliability.

  • Solution technological architecture assessment
  • Cloud architecture fundamentals and hands-on training
  • Apps development (mobility) fundamentals and hands-on training
  • Moving to Cloud / Expanding on Cloud / Improving Cloud functionalities
  • Access to a senior technical mentorship network

Unparalleled Routs to Customers

Provide routes to new potential markets and customers.

  • Potential business networking with customers from Acelera Partners’ shareholders, mentors and strategic partners.

Legal and Financial Advisory Services

Provide advice from experts to enable companies to qualify for follow on investments.

  • Transformation from limited liability company (LTDA) to incorporated company (S.A.) as requested by Brazilian Stock Exchange Commission (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários/CVM).
  • Implementation of policies for the retention of intellectual capital.
  • Intellectual Property Registration.
  • Access to Legal Mentorship and Legal Services.
  • Due diligence support (as required by investment Funds and VC groups).
  • Access to financial and administrative mentoring and services.

Physical Infrastructure

Provide a co-working space and business facilities

  • Co-working space for up to four startups, each one with 3-5 people
  • Business facilities and services (meeting rooms, auditoriums, coffee lounge, front desk reception, high-speed internet and wireless connection)

Human Resources Services

Provide advice from experts to enable companies to be more professional:

  • Assessment on Human Resources Issues
  • Access to mentoring sessions on compensation plans/talent retention
  • Access to mentoring sessions on capacity planning, staffing, sourcing, recruiting & interviewing


Microsoft BizSpark is a global program that helps startups succeed by giving free access to Microsoft Azure cloud services, software and support. BizSpark members receive up to $750 per month of free Microsoft Azure cloud services for 3 years: that’s $150 per month each for up to 5 developers. Azure works with Linux and familiar open source technologies such as Ruby, Python, Java and PHP. BizSpark is available to startups that are privately held, less than 5-years-old and earn less than $1M in annual revenue.

To learn more about our offer or to submit your application, go to Fundacity.

Questions? Send us an email at

# Of Employees Ideal range is 3-25 employees, but may increase depending on nature, size and maturity of the Company.
# Commitment At least 2 founders must be committed full-time to the Company and have no other employment commitments limiting their time/efforts, being one of them mandatorily the CTO and the other with management, financial or sales skills.
# Financials Company must have minimum monthly revenue of RS 10K (officially proven by their balance sheets). In case of an international startup, must have minimum monthly revenue of USD10k.
# Background Company must be a graduate of Microsoft Ventures Accelerator or another International Accelerator or AceleraTech or an existent Accelerator from Startup Brasil Accelerator Network or Incubator from Anprotec Society; otherwise, must be “supported” by a strategic partner, angel investor sponsor, or customer via a recommendation letter.
# Geography & Language Aims to build real nationwide and/or global operations. At least one executive must be fluent in English (written and oral communications).
# Tech Stack Companies participating in our program must be willing to start building on, and/or leverage Microsoft technologies in a manner that is material to their business (e.g. can be an iOS-based app with back-end on Azure; or a Windows 8-app with back-end on AWS).  Microsoft technologies should be adopted in the company’s business (albeit no exclusivity is required).
# Customers Company must have some initial customers to validate efficacy of the solution.
# Team Company founders shall demonstrate strong entrepreneurial business acumen, domain and technical expertise, relevant professional experience, and “coachability”.
# Fundamentals We are searching for building scalable and sustainable companies based on real solutions to address real problems; we are focused on building financially sustainable and profitable companies.
# Areas of Focus Company ideally should be focused on one of the following areas: Embedded Systems & Internet of Things (IoT), Enterprise SaaS & IT, Urban & Rural Informatics (e.g. Urban Mobility and Agritech), Smart Cloud Services, Health 2.0, Education Technology and Big Data, Computational Vision, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, CleanTech and FinTech.
# Upside Potential Company must have a trajectory that demonstrates significant potential upside, mindshare, market credibility and/or momentum to justify additional engagement. The company must be in a growth market and with a potential of more than USD500MM.
# Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Company should have registered trademark and URL with INPI; in the case of any 3rd- party code development, contracts between company and 3rd-party should ensure the code property belongs to the Company.

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